Welcome to Wedding Lights, decorating for weddings and receptions with string lights, lanterns, and luminaries is a fantastic way to enjoy the special occasion!!

String lights and net lights are not just for Christmas anymore. A growing number of brides and wedding planners have realized just how attractive those lights can be in the wedding and at the wedding reception. The right lighting can set the mood and create a romantic environment that is perfect for any wedding. Whether your goal is a formal and elegant wedding or a more low key celebration of your love, you are sure to find the lighting option that gives you just what you are looking for.

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From bold and dynamic to soft and romantic, the right lights can give your wedding the perfect look and feel. You can incorporate net lights, string lights and other lighting options into the overall theme f your wedding by using your wedding colors to light the reception hall, the church, the guest tables and even the bar. No matter what colors you choose to complement your wedding day, the right lights can help you set the visual theme you are looking for.

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You can create a beautiful romantic look and feel for your big day with a series of small string lights and twinkle lights, accented with small votive candles for a beautiful glow. For a more elegant look and feel, consider using net lights in stark black and white as a backdrop for your luxurious wedding cake. Your guests will be stunned by the beauty of the display.

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Mini String Lights

Nothing can match the elegance of a beautifully lit wedding, and mini lights are the perfect choice for providing that kind of subtle and elegant light. Mini lights are available in every color of the rainbow, from sparkling white to pastels and bright primary colors. No matter what the color scheme of your wedding, you can find mini lights that are the perfect match for your big day.

The great thing about mini lights for your wedding is that they are as easy to string as they are to buy. Unlike some other types of lighting, mini lights are easy to use, and they are easy to hang just about anywhere.

Create a beautiful entry way to your outdoor reception tent with a series of white mini lights hung in curtains across each entrance of the tent. Or provide your guests with an elegant ambiance by hanging mini lights at each corner of the reception hall. You can even use mini lights to accent the dining tables, cake table and bar area. Place an empty wine bottle at each end of the bar area, wrap it in mini lights, and use it to accent the entire bar. You can also use mini lights to accent the whiskey fountain and punchbowl.

No matter what the theme of your wedding, you can find lighting options to create just the look and feel you are aiming for. From the most luxurious formal wedding to the most casual celebration, there are lighting options to accent your special day and provide an unforgettable experience for you, your family and your cherished guests.

Lanterns & Luminaries

Few things look as elegant as paper lanterns, and those accent pieces can be the perfect choice for your wedding day. If your wedding is held outdoors, consider stringing paper lanterns accented with miniature LED lights along the sides of the tent Those paper lanterns will lend an ethereal glow to the outdoor tent, especially at night.

You can also use paper lanterns to accent an indoor wedding, and they make the perfect choice for reception halls and even churches. In fact paper lanterns have become such a popular decorating choice that wedding planners are incorporating them into the services they offer. Many professional wedding planners and tent rental outfits are willing to not only provide the paper lanterns but hang them, string them and light them as well.

Of course those services come with a hefty price tag attached, so many brides to be have taken to creating their own lighted paper lanterns. Stringing and lighting those lanterns is not as difficult as you might think. You might even want to host a paper lantern party where your family and friends get together and create those special decorations for a fraction of the cost of professional service.

Wedding Light Projects & Ideas

If you are looking for some great ideas of how to use net lighting, string lights and other lighting options for your big day, just consider some of these great ideas.

Centerpieces decorated with net lights or string lights – even the most beautiful centerpiece is sure to look even better wrapped in net lights, string lights or mini lights.

Table spotlights – use lighting to center the action where it belongs – on the bride and groom. Use table spotlights to make the bride and groom look even more beautiful.

Use light dimmers to create a romantic look and feel in the reception hall. Use mood lighting throughout the dance area to encourage your guests to enjoy their evening.

Wrap vases in mini lights or string lights, top them off with a white rose and use them to accent the dining tables. Your guests are sure to be impressed by this beautiful and creative display.

Wrap the columns in the reception hall with string lights, net lights and mini lights in your wedding colors. Use bright primary colors interspersed with soft pastels for a unique look.

Accent entryways and doorways with trees wrapped in mini lights and string lights. String lights and mini lights are the perfect accent fro outdoor tent weddings and indoor reception halls alike.

Create colorful globe lighting with frosted glass and net lighting in your wedding colors. Frosted glass provides an elegance that is hard to beat in any setting.

Use string lights to create a dramatic effect in the corners of the room and at the entrance from the dining area. String lights are easy to hang, cheap to buy and available in every color of the rainbow.

Decorate the fountains around the bar with net lighting in your wedding colors. Use a combination of mini lights, string lights and net lighting to dress up the entire wedding hall.

Accent screens and lattices with net lighting, mini lights and string lighting in a variety of colors. You can also use mini lights, net lighting and string lights to accent the doors and windows.

Use string lights suspended from the ceiling for a charming and ethereal look and feel. Use a variety of colors to create different moods.

Decorate shrubs, trees and other outdoor plants with net lighting in your chosen wedding colors. Decorate the exterior of the church and reception hall with an assortment of net lights, string lights and mini lights.

Use mini lights to accent paper lanterns, then hang those lanterns above the guest tables and along the bar area. Paper lanterns are fast becoming the must have wedding accessory for modern brides and grooms.


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